Stringify Variables with AutoHotKey

Ever needed to make many Strings based off of variable names? Here’s the solution.

Watch this 13 second video real quick to see what the following code is used for:
Stringify Variables With AutoHotKey

So, what’s happening in the video? I recently had a long list of variables, and using a simple key command, I turn the variable name into a String and more. For all of the work shown on-screen, I only used a simple key command over and over. Though, I could have made my basic AutoHotKey a lot more sophisticated. Here’s the entire AutoHotKey code that I used. The only reason for the Sleep/wait functions is because AutoHotKey was sending the commands too fast to process.

; Press WindowsKey + t to select word cursor is on,
; then add String suffix with variable name in it.
    Sleep, 300
    ; Double-click
	MouseGetPos X,Y
	Send {Click  %A_CaretX%,%A_CaretY% 2}
	MouseMove (X),(Y)
    Sleep, 20
    ; Copy
    Send {Ctrl Down}c{Ctrl Up}
    Sleep, 40
    ; Paste
    Send {Ctrl Down}v{Ctrl Up}
    Sleep, 40
    ; Move to end of line, behind semi-colon
    Send {End}{Left}
    ; Prefix with ` = ""`
    Send {Space}={Space}""
    ; Move inside quotations
    Send {left}
    ; Paste
    Sleep, 20
    Send {Ctrl Down}v{Ctrl Up}
    Sleep, 40
    ; Prepare for next copy-paste
    Send {Down}{End}{Left}{Left}

- After first copying word, instead of pressing {End}{Left}, I probably could have just send {Right} to move the cursor to the right.
- AutoHotKey might send commands faster than Windows can process them, so the system waits with the `Sleep, ` command. You may need more system pauses (or not).
- There probably is a way to slow down the entire AutoHotKey program, but I didn’t feel like looking that up yet. If you know how, please let me know. ;]

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